Cho Ei Safety & Environment Management

We care our environment and emphasize "Zero Emission" as our goal. Re-utilization of resources is the top priority in our company policy and exploring the biodegradable plastic is also one of our main development areas.

Scope of Environmental Management

- Strictly control & manage the hazardous substance.
- Improve continuously our environmental management to reduce and prevent the pollution to our environment
- Energy & Resources conservation and produce less wastage
- Environmental concerns are fully considered in every decision of our company
- Increase the awareness of environmental protection of our employee

We pay attention to health & safety precautions of our staff and ensure our workplace is free of risk and hazards. Therefore, trainings are provided regularly to our staff to strengthen their health & safety knowledge.

Scope of Health & Safety Management

- Compliance with health and safety policies
- Improve continuously our health & safety management to prevent people being injured or made ill
- Reduce the workplace accidents by a various of prevention measures
- Health & Safety concerns and risks are fully considered and recognized
- Increase the awareness of health & safety precaution of our employee

Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Plastic World (SZ)

  • ISO14001:2004 ------- Cert. No.: 1693-2001-AE-RCG-RvA
  • OHSAS18001:2007 ------- Cert. No.: 32067-2008-HSO-RGC-DNV

Plastic World (ZS)

  • ISO14001: 2004 ------- Cert. No.: 00108E20713R0S/4400
  • GB/T28001: 2011 ------- Cert. No.: 00108S10324R0S/4400

Fineplas Automotive

  • ISO14001:2004 ------- Cert. No.: 114193-2012-AE-RGC-RvA