PW (Plastic World)

Plastic World (China) Limited (PW), a core member of Cho Ei Group, has started the plastic business since 1989. For over 2 decades of growth, PW transformed itself into one of the renowned plastic processing plants in South China.

To enable our sustainable growth and development, PW had a second factory expansion in May 2004. Shortly after, our newly established factory in Zhongshan had joined our family in the last quarter of 2005. The next production plant will be started operation in SuZhou and Philippines on 2013 to extend our business coverage throughout the Eastern China and South East Asia to cope with the keen market competition in China.

PW keeps extending the cooperation with the various parties of the industry, globally known end-users, precision molders and worldwide suppliers, such as Styrolution, ShinEtsu Polymer, NSCC, Funai, Brother, Minolta, Kyocera, Microsoft, Epson, Omron, etc. The business of PW covers a wide range of areas, from plastic pre-coloring, masterbatch production and pigment blending, to plastic reinforcement, PVC compounding, ASA & HHABS manufacturing and plastic recycling.

PW values quality. We only produce a steady stream of high quality, comprehensively tested products to our customers. To achieve this, PW has spent plenty of resources in the testing equipments and setup the quality assurance system to provide confidence and certainty for our customers.

Production / Products:


With combining our advanced compounding technology, we can offer a wide range of plastic compounded materials e.g. High-gloss HIPS, super high impact HIPS, High% Talc +PP, Bamboo compounded plastic, ASA, High heat ABS, PVC, FR- plastic materials (non-halogen), etc.


Our color experts, equipped with advanced color-matching machine, provide the color matching services in a short time. We not only emphasize great resemblance to your samples, but also competitive cost. Our huge database of various colorants and additives allows your specific requirements to be formulated. With the advanced technology and strict quality control system, our pre-colored products always fall within the expectation of our clients and earn their extra surprise.

Testing Equipment:

- X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer
- Brittleness Temperature Tester
- UL Flammability Tester
- Thermal Aging Oven
- Universal Testing Machine
- Vicat Softening Point/HDT Tester
- Melt Flow Index Tester
- Impact Strength Tester
- Microscopic FT-IR
- Spectrophotometer

Extruder (twin) 15
Extruder (single) 6
Banbury Mixer (PVC) 1

PW Trading Department Introduction

In order to provide the comprehensive services to our customers, PW Trading Department has been established on 2011 to mainly focus on the plastic materials and plastic related chemicals trading.

Plastic Materials Styrolution, BASF, HK Petrochemical, Denka, LG Chem, Toray, Teijin Chemicals Polyplastics, Asahi Kasei, etc
PVC Heat Stabilizers Supplier Katsuta: Liquid base; PVC food wrapping film application high transparency; high efficiency; low odor;
Special Lubricant Supplier Katsuta: Powder or Masterbatch base; for sheet grade or blowing film PE PP PS EVA application reduce die head deposit; improve melt fracture; improve surface smoothness and gloss; energy saving