Ecoplas (HK) Ltd established in 2010 and works on the eco-plastic materials. With our advanced compounding technology & innovative ideas, we provide the recovery of the recyclable plastic materials and effective measure on the solid waste disposal issue. Ecoplas emphasizes environmental protection and sets 'Zero Emission' as our commitment to our customers. Our eco- plastic materials are all recycled from the post-consumer products into plastic raw materials (resources). We put effort into giving our customers with a close, complete & traceable eco-plastic materials system.

Product & Services Close Loop Plastic Recycle System

We recognize the importance of the sustainable use of natural resources and so we work with our partners to provide a total solution package to create a platform, from dismantling, separation, and plastic recycling. The material can be used again into the production line for product manufacturing again. The plastic waste will be classified as different grades and convert back into useful materials, such as, plastic raw material, wood plastic composite, solid fuel, etc.

Eco- HIPS Material

We always keep adding the value on our eco-plastic to meet our customer's need and diversify our materials on others market coverage. Our eco-plastic is quality guarantee, stable property, traceable and some of them have got the UL registration and HK Green Product Label as well.