Nagasaki (Yang Jiang) Hi-Tech Centre

This Hi-Tech centre is located in Yang Jian city and it has 200,000 sq m space. It consists of 4 main development areas:

1) Tooling Techno Centre - tooling for Automotive and Office Automation industry

- Many big Japanese automotive manufacturers are located in GD province.
- Tooling is a key for those automotive and office automation (OA) industry.
- Introduce Small-Medium tooling companies to join and develop the tooling technology.

2) Food Processing Centre

- Rich of fish 80,000mt per year
- Supply the organic vegetables
- Processed food factory

3) Plastic Recycling R&D Centre

- Utilize the plastic scrap as a resource for Cho Ei product
- R&D centre focus on the plastic compounding, e.g. PLA, PP, PS, etc.

4) Human Resources Development Centre

- Cooperate with the Chinese universities to provide a HR services for all the Japanese companies located in

- The students with related talent can be fitted into their job position immediately.