Message from the President

Satoshi Kawazoe 川副哲

Dear all stakeholders

Cho-Ei group has been in their business since 1989, when I found this company in Hongkong, and when the Era name in Japan was changed from Showa to Heisei.

Just after graduation of University, I started working in Ube Cycon, ABS platic resin manufacture, who is the joint-venture between Ube Industry in Japan, and Borg-warner in USA(later GE bought this business from Borg-warner).

In 1982, Ube Cycon and Borg-warner established Ube-Marbon, joint-venture marketing office in Hongkong and I was despatched as representative from Japan to take care of all Asia marketing activities.

Above experiences has brought me to estabish the company to handle plastic related business in Hongkong.

People tell us that our company name Cho Ei (肇英) is great both in Japanese and Chinese. "Cho, 肇” means "Innovation" and "creation" in English and reminds us to create new value with innovative technology for manufacturing. "Ei, 英” means "intelligence" and "good decision" which reminds us to do good decision with right intelligence.

The economist are forecasting that upto2050, Asia will be the highest economic growth region in the world. By 2050,Asia will occupy 60% of world population and GDP of Asia will grow to 50% of the total world total GDP.

By understanding such good business environment in Asia, we are always striving our position by utilizing following resources.

1. Japanese manufacturing technology and quality management capability
2. Hongkong, --- World No.1 business environment, and management strength
3. China and Asia production technology and capacity

On the other hand, we are facing problems and difficulties in the world including water shortage, food shortage, natural resources shortage, and deterioration of environment including air-pollution, water pollution, and climate changes.

In such an Age, we have established our "Corporate Mission, to contribuite to the Society through our business operations" as the first priority. and by constantly examining our business activities, we always ask ourselves whether we are truly contribuiting to the society.

In order to proactively respond to the environmental issues, we established 'ECOPLAS" operation unit in 2010 whose basic concept is as follows.

By providing "total solution service for plastic usage" to our customers,

1. Weight saving in components which can contribute to reduction of material usage, and reduction of electricity

2. Reuse of waste materials generated in plastic processing companies which can contribute to zero emmission

3. Reuse of waste plastics from the market which can contribute to reduction of solid waste, and efficient utilization

Through above activities, our customers can achieve cost reduction, and can utilize for their CSR and also for marketing tools.

Through our service of above activities, we are working hard to contribute environmental improvement including reduction of CO2, and solid waste, as well as reutilization of resources, and under such circumstances, our Ecoplas business is steadily growing with the good support from our customers .

"Cho Ei Group" posses comprehensive in-house technologies including plastic resin processing technologies, ultra-precision mold design/building technologies, precision injection molding technologies, module assembly technologies, and material recycling technologies. We are the very unique enterprise who can provide "total solution service" in plastic.

It is our earnest desire that you can get your benefit by utilizing our service.

We are also always looking for our business partners who can support us to achieve our Corporate Mission "to create new values and to contribute to the Society"

Under our Management Philosophy, "Our company staff is the most valuable asset", we have been prioritizing the Human resources development and motivation activities, We, all Cho-Ei staff, continue to work together to contribute to the Society and World. We sincerely thanks for your continued support and patronage.

Sincerely yours

CEO of Cho Ei Group