Cho Ei Way
1) Corporate Mission

The mission of Cho Ei is to create the value and make contribution to our society by our total plastic solution service, high efficient resources utilization & sustainable technology development.

2) Management Philosophy

- Provide a joyful workplace and share the harvest to all of

- Strive to achieve and improve customer satisfaction
- Cooperate together with our partners & customers to develop

- Implement our CSR program
- Maximize our profitability and reward our shareholders support

3) Company Staff Code of Conduct

- Putting our customer first
- Respect each other
- Humbleness
- Self Development
- Social Contribution
- Right conduct
- Quick Response
- Loyalty
- Leadership

4) Long Term Objectives

Setup our market position for the coming 30 years development

5) Objectives

Establish the medium-term objectives

6) Strategy

Design the path to focus on our company goals

7) Plan · Action · Achieve

To achieve the targets & goals with appropriate planning & action